Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow in Texas

Any time it snows in Texas, it's a big deal, but to kids it's like Christmas all over again.

This week, we got nice thick snow twice (separated by a day in the 70s). It came down in huge flakes, stuck nicely on the ground and packed firmly for angel making, snowball throwing (at the trees, not each other), and snowman building.

The first snow occurred overnight, so we only briefly got to experience it before taking the kids to Mother's Day out, but the second snow fell during nap time so there was a whole evening of snowy play ahead. By the time the children woke up, our neighbors had built a large snowman in the front yard across the street. It was about 5 feet tall. After much scarf, glove and hat gathering and wiggling, we crossed the street carefully to take a look. William asked me, "Can that snowman talk?" I assured him that he couldn't because he was only pretend, not a real man. But, as we got closer to the frosty pillar, his raisin eyes must have really given William a look, or the blowing scarf tricked him into seeing the whole man move. William panicked and said he didn't want to see the snow man. Afterall, it was taller than WIlliam.

After a little convincing that the snowman would not approach us, but we had to approach it, William got the nerve up to scamper around in front of it and scoop some snow. We made our way to our backyard where Mary made snow angels, built a small snowman, flung a few balls at the tree and tasted a little snow. By then, the wet gloves were not protecting us from the cold any longer, so we headed inside for some Hot Cider.

The next morning, we still had a nice coating of snow in the front yard to play in - a blank canvas. We frolicked some more until the rosy cheeks and blue fingers brought us inside again with Robert, who'd waited and watched patiently from the front window while we played.

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Melanie said...

I'm so glad we got to enjoy snow this season! When March rolled around, I worried that we had missed it this time around.

I'm looking forward to next year when Robert and Thomas can come out to play, too.