Sunday, February 17, 2008


All is well on the Kindergarten home front.  We've completed 2 weeks (4 sessions) and have progressed well during that time.  Our schedule is still in flux and will continue to be adjusted as we learn what's best for all of our kids.  William has joined in the group as a Pre-K-er.  He absolutely will NOT let himself be left out.  He's sprouting little buds of enthusiasm for reading.  He's still a little young yet for the school scene, but he retains the content very well when he can sit still long enough to listen.  As he matures, I know he'll make a great student.  

Overall, I'm glad we're homeschooling.  It's going well so far, even after just 2 weeks.  We'll have the system down soon enough and then there will be no stopping us!

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Melanie said...

Nearly another month has now passed and it's running quite smoothly, I think. All three of them are progressing beautifully!

There is no doubt in my mind that we are providing them a better education than they could get from anyone else. I can't deny that I feel a lot of pride in that.