Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Modern Fairy Tale

This evening around the dinner table, Mary told Daddy about the little red hooded capelet she wore to school today.  She truly did look like Little Red Riding Hood, which is what I had said to her when it became obvious that I had somehow neglected to tell them of the little girl who visits her granny only to find the Big Bad Wolf instead.  

So, I proceeded with the story there at the table as Mary and William both reluctantly finished their "bean beans." (of the green variety)  I told them of the little girl who was carrying a basket of treats to her granny and of the warning her mother had given her about staying on the path.  Mary froze as I told how the Big Bad Wolf approached Little Red in the flower patch she'd wandered off to pick from and how he'd offered to accompany Little Red to her granny's house.  But, he was being tricky...[Mary's eyes were as big as saucers]...Do you know what wolves like to eat?  [shake]  Little girls.  [Now Mary has dinner plates for eyes, but William still has his chin propped, staring at the pile of bean beans] 

Well, by the end of the story, when the hunter cuts open the wolf's tummy and out spring Granny and Little Red, Mary was completely taken aback.  William pointed out that Little Red didn't stay on the path like her mommy said.   Mary stared.  Then, she spoke:

"If she had a car she would be safe."


joyce said...

Too cute ! I suppose the cartoon version of Red Riding Hood is too much for Mary and William?? the name, I think, I had to watch it a few times to get all the clues. Have you seen it?

Our "baby" (age 21) is driving his new truck to Houston to Grandmother's house for a visit before his final semester starts Monday. He just called from Centerville, safe back inside his truck after getting gas.

Lisa said...

Whew. I hear wolves can't touch you if you drive. Besides, he'll surely beat the wolf to granny's house 'cause a car goes a lot faster than a wolf.

joyce said...

He made it in just four and a half hours. And thankfully remembered to call me on his cell phone. If only Little Red Riding Hood had a cell phone !

Casey said...

LOL HOw cute!!!

Melanie said...

Mary is so clever!