Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's our birthday!

It's been mentioned before in this blog, but Doug and I share a birthday. It was yesterday. We started out with 5 overlapping commitments this day, but we cancelled 2 and one was tentative and never came to fruition, so overall not a bad day. We are kind of mellow birthday celebration people, so we never plan anything too elaborate and this year was no different.

I did ask for and receive a new camcorder!! Woohoo! Once I figure it all out and teach the kids that they don't have to see themselves on the tiny screen to know that they are actually being taped, perhaps you'll see some video posted her from time to time. I'm particularly interested in capturing our everyday things. The things that we'll have otherwise forgotten 10 years from now: William's "big finish" when he sings a song, Mary's somersaults through the house, Robert's crawling and babbling.

Doug asked for and received a new Bass Guitar Pod. He'll have to talk it up on here for himself because it's one of those gadgets that I could never do justice. It's got pedals, and plugs and knobs and makes the bass sound different. A real "Doug" gift. The kids got Daddy the Optimus Prime transformer. Mommy may have helped them pick it out. :-)

Today after church, we had lunch with Doug's family (minus kids - thank you babysitters!!) and it was very enjoyable and delicious. A perfect free-day gorging.

Tomorrow it's back to more of the usual. It's been a good year!


Casey said...

Happy Birthday to you both! I am glad you both had a great one and got the gifts that you asked for! I can't wait to see video!!!

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like a fun day.