Friday, August 31, 2007

Meet the Teacher

We met Mary and William's teachers last night! What a fun experience for us all. Mary was drawn to her classroom and warmed up to her teacher, Ms. Christine, within just a couple of minutes. She found the dry erase easel (and the marker found her dress - any tips to get that out would me much appreciated) and I filled out a survey of her favorite things for her. According to Mary, her favorite food is bananas, which I can easily believe though I probably would have put pizza, peanut butter sandwiches and string cheese above that. Simply put, there's not much Mary doesn't get excited about eating, so banana must have been the magical thought for the moment. Mary's favorite color (today) is red. Her favorite song to sing is "Holy, Holy, Holy." Mary spent a while jumping on one foot...her newest talent and way to show she's excited. She's thrilled to start school next week and hasn't stopped talking about it.

William's room is decorated like a jungle and when we walked in the door there was a little green bag with his name on it. I tried to get him to find the bag with his name, but he was too busy looking up at the vines on the ceiling. Silly mommy. I filled out the same survey for William while he found his name no less than 4 times around the room. One of his two teachers, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Kim, gave him his goody bag and told him what was in it - raisins - so his favorite food is, of course, RAISINS! Also inside the bag were crayons, so he pointed to and named all the colors on the front when I asked him what his favorite color was. That's typical of William - the best time of his life is right now. When asked about his favorite movie, William listed every one he's ever seen, but I asked him to choose just 1 and he said, "I want 5." (Five is, amazingly enough, William's favorite number.) William's favorite songs to sing are "I'm In the Lord's Army" and "Wheels on the Bus." William was so tall compared to the other chlidren. Most have just turned 2 and look like babies by comparison! I've spoken with the school about placing him in the Young 3s class, where he was originally enrolled. His birthdate does fall into the range for the 2s class, but only by a smidge and his skills really match up more with the 3s than the 2s. I don't want to be a pushy mother right off the bat or present him as the brightest kid in the world, but I do want him to be challenged and matched with peers, regardless of his age.

Mary and William are both so excited to start off to school and are literally jumping for joy about these new beginnings next week. I'm so surprised to see them growing away from me so quickly. I'll admit that I'm looking forward to the break and the time alone with Robert, but I'm also going to miss them while they are off learning at school.

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Casey said...

I am glad that they enjoyed their classrooms! I also hope that William gets to move up into the young 3s, I will be praying about this! I can't believe that next week our babies will be gone and someone else will be teaching them! I think the first week is going to be hard for me!