Tuesday, August 2, 2005

I enjoy my job. Currently I'm running training...which is truely boring. It requires so much repetition that I just want to die. The good thing is that we're training a new trainer, so a few more kill-me moments and I'll be done with training for a nice long while. I'm writing this while in training...sometimes I fall alseep.

Lisa and I are planning our European vacation in more detail. Maybe this is when being in the travel industry pays off. I know some german agents that will try to get us some cheap hotel rates in nice hotels...BWAHAHAHA.
We've starting purchasing travel-related supplies even though we haven't gotten our tax refund yet. This weekend we bought a super wide-angle lens (19-38mm equiv) to make sure we can capture the interiors and landscapes of Germany. We'll be taking 2 camera bodies, renting a lens, buying another lens, and buying some other photography stuff. Hopefully we get some wall-quality pictures of Germany.


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