Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well, 3 years and no posts. Proof that blogger keeps accounts around forever.

I suppose I should write some catch-you-up type post here, but who am I kidding? The only people reading this knew me 3 years ago and know exactly what's be happening in my life. So instead I'm going to pretend like I never stopped and casually mention to people to checkout my blog.

Last week I had a few moles removed that were bothering Lisa (I can only assume they were mocking her, poking her in the middle of the night, etc). Two of them were fine, but one came back as "irregular" so now I get to go back for another round of deep digging to remove more of it. They said it's not cancer, but "irregular" doesn't sound like normal skin, so it's somewhere between normal and cancer. I call this place "canmal".


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