Monday, February 23, 2009

Flew the Coop

Spring is blooming in the retail world. Mary has noted the beautiful fragrance of the aisles of silk flowers in Hobby Lobby. William is more fascinated with another decoration, "bird jails." He'd like to have a bird jail in his room some day.

To you and me, it's just an ordinary cage, but not to the active mind of a 4-year old.


Casey said...

bird jail...That is so cute! He cracks me up! We miss you guys, we need to plan a get together!

The H├ębert Family said...

Bird jail - I love it!

We were at HL today and saw a "bird jail" and I pointed it out to Eleanor and told her that's what it was called.

"No, it's not, Mommy, that's a bird cage."

"Well, we're going to call it a bird jail from now on because that's what William calls it and that's just cute."