Monday, March 17, 2008

A scap-a-licious weekend

This past weekend, Doug kept the kids for me and I packed up bag after bag of scrapbooking/stamping materials and headed to Ft Worth for a weekend getaway. I planned to work only on Robert's baby book. At this point, he is the only one with a baby book, but it is fresh in my mind and I was inspired to record his babyhood. I listed the pages I wanted to include, printed the photos, printed journaling, and chose colors, then trekked across the metroplex to get to work. I finished all but 8 of my layouts and am so proud of the work I've done. I plan to take pictures of my pages and include them in the Hobbies gallery on Smumug.

I can't wait for you all (ok, those who care) to come look at his precious baby album. Partly because his adorable face deserves to be admired and also because I worked so hard to bring it together craftily.

Thank you, Doug for giving me the time off to enjoy my hobby and record a little bit of family history.


Melanie said...

WOW! A baby book for a baby who is only 15 months old? What a concept! I admire you!

I can't wait to see all your hard work!

Lisa said...

Yes, yes, but the 3-year old keeps reminding me that HE doesn't have one.

Melanie said...

Darn those three-year-olds with their abilities to think, reason, and speak!

Casey said...

I am jealous, none of mine have one and Leah showed off hers to me on Saturday.