Friday, August 19, 2005

I've just seen the most horrifying thing since I became a mother. I was driving on Virginia right by where Kristen and Emily live and a fire truck and three police cars blocked the right lane. Of course traffic was slow as we all merged and passed by the scene. When I looked at what had happened, my heart just sank. There was a mini van at a subdivision exit with a child's bike stuck underneath the front end. I'd seen the children walking along the sidewalk on their way home from their first week of school. This poor kid didn't make it home today. I shudder to think of the phone call his mother got. I wonder if she was at home waiting for him to arrive safely or if she was 20 miles away in an office building. There was an ambulance still at the scene and I hope that means that the child was inside getting a bandaid put on his scraped knee before his mother came to drive him home, but I'm more worried that the ambulance with the child had already gone to a hospital.

As a mother, I just can't fathom what this family is going through this afternoon. I'm just trying to keep myself from imagining one of our children in that situation. What a nightmare! I also feel for the driver of that van. It's one of those events that he will relive for the rest of his life.

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